Jute Sapling Bag

Jute Sapling Bag

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1)      Used as sleeves to hold soil bulbs of seedlings that can be directly planted within the soil.

Jute nursery sapling bags of requisite dimension have been developed as a substitute of ecologically unfriendly polythene bags for different Agro-horticultural application.

USP’s of Nursery Sapling Bags –

·         Bio-degraded Jute Sapling Bag enhances soil-nutrient level by enriching the soil considerably with organic carbon, phosphorus and potassium.

·         Growth of healthier root net work remains unrestricted in Jute bags

Performance of Jute sapling is better than poly bags in respect of soil-loss. 

 Product Specification

9" x 5" Size, 22 GSM and as per customer requirement